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An amicable divorce is the goal of most married couples when considering divorce. Not everyone buys into the media’s, “War of the Roses,” scenario. Professionals for Amicable Divorce provides a referral list of independent professionals who share the goal of helping individuals who seek a civilized, friendly, and honorable way to resolve their marital problems. The lawyers, accountants, financial experts, and co-parenting counselors provide service in Montgomery County, Bucks County, Delaware County, Chester County, and Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.

coupleProfessionals for Amicable Divorce provides a referral list of independent professionals who share the goal of providing separating and divorcing couples with out-of-court settlements for the full range of issues presented on dissolution of marriage. It is multidisciplinary because we believe that couples divorcing may often benefit from a team of professionals who can address psychological, parenting, financial, and legal needs. Moreover, we believe that if individuals seek services for their problems from the appropriate professionals and do not rely solely on lawyers who emphasize a legalistic and litigious approach to their problems, they can not only cut costs but get better advice and more effectively serve the interests of their children and their long term financial needs.

Spousal support; equitable distribution; alimony; the tax consequences of divorce; division and treatment of pensions, options, profit sharing plans and closely held businesses; and the nurturing and sharing of responsibility for a couple’s children are all issues, in many cases, which must be addressed. Where possible, our professionals use mutually selected real estate appraisers for the marital residence or family-owned business. We also prefer to use co-parenting counselors so that parties can get the same advice and information about what is in the best interests of the children. Advice on how to present a unified, nurturing, supportive front to their children can result in parents providing children with a more secure, emotional environment in the event of a divorce. Co-parenting counselors reduce expenses and hostility. The old model of doing custody evaluations can bankrupt a family and encourage focus on the parties’ weaknesses instead of building on their strengths and looking optimistically toward their potential. Shared custody may or may not be appropriate in any given case, but in most cases both parents love and want to care for the children. Their relationship with the children can be fostered with the right advice and support at critical moments of family crisis.

Many of our professionals – mental health, financial and legal – have been trained in mediation and collaboration as well as having received the appropriate advanced degrees. Professionals for Amicable Divorce was formed to bring the benefits and skills from the collaborative and mediation disciplines to couples who did not want the strict formalities of the Collaborative Process (which includes a contract never to go to court) and the mediation process (which usually denies parties the benefit, support and presence of counsel during the negotiation process).

The members are all independent, perform different types of legal, financial and mental health services, and do not present the amicable divorce process as the sole solution. We believe that the diversity in human experience and ability requires multiple options for divorcing couples. We feel we are offering a valuable additional pathway for parties seeking a divorce who need help with alimony, child support, equitable distribution, custody, visitation, and long term financial planning in the Southeast Region of Pennsylvania.