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310 Huntingdon Pike
Rockledge, PA 19046

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AFCC Parenting Coordination Training; Working with High Conflict Families 2008
Collaborative Family Law Affiliates; Advanced Training in Interest Based Bargaining (Presenter and Author) 2008
Advanced Custody Mediation Training: Parenting Statements And Other Interactive Advanced Tools 2006
Domestic Violence Training 2004
Looking Back, Looking forward; Institute for Study of Conflict Transformation 2004
Collaborative Family Law Affiliates; Training in Collaborative Law 2003
Mediation in the New Millennium 2003
Microfocus On Transformative Process And Practice-Mediation 2002
Advanced Family Mediation Workshop; Advanced Mediator Training 2001
Divorce Arbitration Institute; American Bar Association 1996
National Center for Mediation Education; Divorce Mediation 1996

Widener University School of Law 1991
J.D.; cum laude

University of Santa Clara 1980
Graduate courses; Learning Handicapped

Kutztown University 1970
B.S. Elementary Education; magna cum laude



Sole Proprietor of Law Offices whose firm practices primarily Domestic Relations Law, but also Wills and Trusts, Personal Injury, Contract Law, Business and Employment Law. Practitioner and Litigator experienced in all aspects of Family Law- Divorce, Support, Custody, Protection from Abuse, Equitable Distribution, Adoption, Guardianship. Executive Director-Collaborative Family Law Affiliates; Member-Association of Family and Conciliation Courts; Counselor and Past President- Doris Jonas Freed Family Inn of Court; Council Member and Rules Committee Co-Chair, Pennsylvania Bar Association Family Law Section; Liaison to Children’s Rights Committee – Pennsylvania Bar Association Family Law Section; Member, Pennsylvania Bar Association Legal Ethics & Professional Responsibility Committee-2003; Board of Directors and Judiciary Committee for Montgomery Bar Association; 2002 Chair, Montgomery Bar Association Family Law Section as well as former chair of sub-committees as follows: Mediation Committee, Practicum Committee, Equitable Distribution Committee, Custody Committee and Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee; former Chair, Member Services Committee Montgomery Bar Association; Chair, Montgomery Bar Continuing Legal Education Committee; Member, Trial Lawyers Section Montgomery Bar Association; Member, Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee and Youth and Law Committee of Montgomery Bar Association; Author and Lecturer of Continuing Legal Education programs for the Pennsylvania Bar Institute, Montgomery Bar Association, and National Business Institute; Member, PBA Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee and Children’s Rights Committee; Strathmore’s Who’s Who Recipient, 2004-2006, and Life Member of the National Registry of Who’s Who.

Member, Academy of Family Mediators, Practitioner, 1996-2001;
Member, Association For Conflict Resolution (after merger of Academy of Family Mediators and SPIDR), Advanced Practitioner, 2001-present; Member, Association of Family Conciliation Courts, 2006 to present; Member, Pennsylvania Council of Mediators, 2004-present; Member, Montgomery County Horace Davenport Mediation Center, 2001-present; Member, Association of Conflict Resolution – Greater Delaware Valley Chapter, 2005 to present; Affiliate of Divorce Done Right 2006-present; Parent Coordinator 2007-present..
Experienced Arbitrator and Mediator, practicing in all aspects of family issues, peer mediation, neighborhood disputes, contract disputes, and labor disputes. Mediator for Montgomery Bar Association’s Horace Davenport Conflict Resolution Center and Chair of the Ad Hoc Advisory Panel for the Montgomery County Custody Mediation Orientation Program as well as Supervisory Mediator.

Experienced Family Law Practitioner with growing practice of complex divorce, custody, property, support, abuse, and adoption cases. Active member, Instructor and Writer for PBA and Montgomery County Bar CLE programs. Court appointed Guardian Ad Litem, Arbitrator and Special Master.

Member, Advanced Practitioner, Association for Conflict Resolution
Experienced Arbitrator and Mediator offering alternative methods of managing negotiations, settlements and resolutions of matrimonial disputes. Creatively devised mechanisms most suitable to needs of parties and counsel. Neutrally adjudicated arbitration cases in expeditious manner, preserving privacy issues and minimizing litigation and costs. Mediated and facilitated amicable agreements with expediency and sensitivity to the needs of the participating parties. Practice included both Bench and Bar referral of cases.

1994-1998 PENN STATE UNIVERSITY, Instructor, CED Division
Taught evening classes for paralegals including certification courses for Domestic Relations, Introduction to Basic Legal Principles, Legal Research, and Civil Practice and Procedure.

1992-1996 GOLD-BIKIN, CLIFFORD, & YOUNG, Attorney
Exclusively serviced Senior Partner’s clients and prepared extremely complex divorce, custody, support, property, abuse, and adoption cases for litigation. Developed own caseload for expanding Domestic Relations practice. Participated in Pro Bono work for Legal Aid, and County Arbitration Panels.

Hearing Officer & Investigator
Conferenced, arbitrated, and mediated support disputes. Executed and enforced support orders. Investigated and processed bench warrants. Reported to the Court with written recommendations, and presented cases at trial.

1970-1985 Teacher
ST. PHILIP NERI, East Greenville, PA
Experienced in open-structured and self-contained classroom environments, team teaching and departmentalization with experience at every grade level from K-8. Effectively utilized large and small group instruction in a multi-media approach.

Bar Association Activities

Doris Jonas Freed American Inn of Court, 1992-Present
Counselor-2003-04, President- 2002-03; President-Elect – 2001-02, formerly Executive Committee Director, Membership Chair
American Bar Association, Family Law Section, 1992-96
Member, Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee
Pennsylvania Bar Association, Family Law Section 1992-Present
Presenter, Writer, 1996-Present
Council Member, PBA Family Law Section, Rules Committee Co-chair
Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee, PBA
Legal Services for Exceptional Children Committee, PBA
Children’s Rights Committee; Liaison
with PBA Family Law Section, 2002- present
Pennsylvania Bar Association Legal Ethics & Professional Responsibility Committee, 2002- present

Montgomery County Bar Association
Family Law Section
Treasurer, 1999; Secretary, 1998, 2000, Vice-Chair 2001, Chair 2002;
Chair, Divorce & Equitable Distribution Committee, 1996; Chair, Practicum Committee 1998, 2000; Chair, Custody Committee, 1998; Chair, ADR Committee, 1999; Chair,
Mediation Committee, 2000-01, Mediation Committee, 1999-present
Member, Family Law Support Committee, 1996-99
Member, Family Law Custody Sub-committee, 1996-98
Appointee, Ad Hoc Mediation Advisory Committee to evaluate and report on Custody Mediation in Montgomery County, 1997-present
Judiciary Committee, 2005-2008
Mediation Training Seminar Instructor, 1999-Present
Member, Advisory Panel On Custody Mediation Orientation Program, 1999-present
Member, Young Lawyers Section
Co-Chair, Doctor/Lawyer Project; Young Lawyers Section, 1994-96, Presenter 1994-Present
Member, Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee, 1995-present
Presenter: Mediation Seminar 1995, 1998; Course Planner and Presenter, 1996; Writer and Presenter: Revised Arbitration Manual, 1997-98
Member, Collaborative Family Law Affiliates; 2004 to present
Member, Lecturer, Writer – Pennsylvania Bar Institute and Montgomery County Bar Association: 1995-present; Family Law Practicum Committee Chair, Writer-1999, 2000; ED Update Seminar, 1996; Family Law Arbitration & Mediation, 1997; Domestic Tort Seminar 1998; Inn of Court Presentation on Act 58 and presentation on new Rules of Evidence, 1998; Act 58 Presentation to Family Law Section, 1998, 1999, 2000; Plenary Session of PBI Summer Meeting, 1998, 2000; Four County Practice, 1998, 2001; Family Court Reform Task Force Member and Presenter at Winter Meeting, 1999, Summer 1999; Domestic Torts Seminar, Montgomery County, 1999; Lawyers & Mediators, Strange Bedfellows, 2000; Mediation Training Seminar, 1999, 2000, 2001; Member Services Presentation, 1999, 2000, 2001; Support Update, 2002, ADR Institute, 2005; Presenter Practicum on Custody, 2005; Representing Special Needs Clients, 2007
Member, Committee for Women in the Law, 1996-98
Member, Bench Bar Committee, 1998
Member, Board of Directors and Chairs-Montgomery Bar Association,
Co-Chair, Member Services Committee, 1999
Chair, Member Services, 2000, 2001
Co-Chair, Continuing Legal Education Committee, 2003; Chair, 2004-2006
Board of Directors, 2007-2010

Member, Trial Lawyers Section, 1999-Present
Lecturer & Writer; National Business Administration; Family Law, 2000


U.S. Supreme Court, 2002
Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, 1991
Supreme Court of New Jersey, 1992
U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania, 1992
Bucks County Court of Common Pleas, 1992
Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas, 1992


Instructional Videotape Series, ESS Science Pilot Program, Anchorage School District, 1970
“The Domestic Relations Preliminary Conference: Its Potential Power as the Court’s Hidden ADR Asset”, Scholarship Award, Sigma Delta Kappa Law Foundation, Inc., 1991
“The Evolution of Support Guidelines”, Scholarship Award, Sigma Delta Kappa Law Foundation Inc., 1991
“Cigarette Litigation: Is The Tide Changing?”, H. Schwabb Literary Contest, Honorable Mention, 1991
“From the Perspective Of A DRO Officer”, Putting on the Writs, Bucks County Bar Association Legal Reporter, 1992
“Self Help Guide to Support”, brochure, Women’s Commission Of Montgomery County, 1993
“Legal View”, Family Law Videotape Series and Instructional TV Presentation, “Self Help Guide to Support”, Women’s Commission Of Montgomery County, 1993; Divorce and Equitable Distribution, 1997
“Act 58, The Reality of the Fantasy”, Montgomery County Law Practicum Guide, 1999, 2000
“Casenote: Vacarello vs. Vacarello”, Pennsylvania Family Lawyer, 2001
“Dischell’s Troops Blast Canada”, Sidebar Article, Montgomery Bar Association, 2002
“Common Law Marriage-For Better or For Worse”, Sidebar Article, Montgomery Bar Association, 2003

Continuing Legal Education – New Jersey

Skills Training Courses, New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education, 1992
Criminal Trial Preparation, Administrative Law, Small Business Practice, Bankruptcy, Civil Trial Preparation, Family Law, Real Estate Law, Will and Probate Practice, Professional Responsibility

Continuing Legal Education – Pennsylvania

Montgomery County Bar Association, Anatomy of a Custody Case, 1992
PBI, Ethical Concerns in Today’s Practice, 1992
PBI, Ethical Issues Affecting Domestic Relations Lawyers, 1993
PBI, Ethical Issues: Domestic Relations, 1993
PBI, Equitable Distribution Update; 1993, 1996 (Instructor, Author, 1996)
PBI, Finding Income & Hidden Assets: Tax Forms & Financial Statements, 1993
PBI, Four County Domestic Relations Practice, 1993, 1998, 2001
(Instructor, Author, 1998, 2001)
Montgomery County Bar Association, Family Law Practicum,1993-1999 (Instructor, Author 1994-1999, 2005 Presenter, 2007 Presenter)
PBI, Drafting Marital Settlement Agreements, 1993, 1996
Westlaw, CD Rom Workshop, 1993, 1997
PBA, Family Law Section Summer Workshops, 1992- present
1998 Writer and Presenter; Plenary Session; Cohabitation, Common Law Marriage and Partition; 2000 Writer and Presenter, Lawyers and Mediators: Strange Bedfellows
1999 Writer and Presenter; Uniform Court Reform
PBA, Family Law Section Winter Workshops, 1993- present
1999 Author/Presenter, Unified Family Court System
PBI, Advanced Equitable Distribution, 1994
Montgomery County Bar Association, Ethical Issues in Custody Litigation, 1994
PBI, Winning With An Expert Witness & Discovery in Family Law Litigation, 1994
Montgomery County Bar Association, Alternative Dispute Resolution: The Mediation Model, 1994; Mediation, 1995 (Instructor); Appellate Mediation for the Third Circuit, 1996; Business Mediation, 1996 (Course Planner);Arbitration Program, 1998 (Writer and Presenter);Court-Annexed Arbitration (Presenter; revised Manual)
PBI, Divorcing the Elderly, 1995
PBI, Tax Traps in Divorce Law, 1995
Montgomery County Bar Association, Bankruptcy Reform Act of 1994, 7/95
Family Law Symposium, 1996
PBA Malpractice Avoidance Seminar, 1996
Finplan Divorce Planner Training Program, 1996
Lawyers and the Internet, 1996
PBI, Advanced Custody Issues, 1997
PBI, Arbitration & Mediation, 1997 (Instructor, Author)
PBI, Fundamentals of Family Law, 1997
PBI, Update on the Support Guidelines, 1997
PBI, Matrimonial Appellate Practice, 1997
PBA, Family Law Section, Commission of Women in the Profession, Annual Conference, 1997
PBI, Open Discovery, The Future of Family Law, 1997
PBI, Stress Management, 1998

PBI, Domestic Torts, 1998 (Writer, Presenter)
PBI, Support Practice Update, 2002 (Presenter)
PBI, ADR Institute, 2005 Author and Presenter
PBI, View From The Bench, 2005
Montgomery County, Practicum, Author, 1996, 1997; Procedural Roadmap for Family Law Litigation, 1998 (Chair, Writer and Presenter); 1999 Author- Support; Dotting Your I’s and Crossing Your T’s, 2000 (Author and Lecturer); 2002 -Evidence in Family Court; 2003 – Custody/Child Development (Presenter and Planner); 2005- How To Conduct a Montgomery County Custody Case Without Being Trying; Presenter and Planner; Representing the Special Needs Client, Presenter 2007
PBI, Use of Trusts in Estate Planning, Intermediate and Advanced Sessions, 2005
National Business Institute, How to Draft Effective Wills and Trusts for Your Clients in Pennsylvania, 2006
The Doris Freed Inn of Court:
National Conference Participant; 1999
Equitable Distribution Updates, 1996
Ethical Concerns in Family Law: Fraud, Confidentiality and Bargaining Concerns in Agreements and Duties Owed a Child Not Represented by the Lawyer, 1997 When Lawyers Divorce, 1997
Alimony in the 21st Century; Practical Experiences and Changes Ahead, 1997
Depositions in Family Law: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, 1997
The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, 1997
Ethical Aspects of a Spousal Abuse Case, 1998
Custody Parenting Class in Chester County, 1998
An Expose on Ex Parte Communications, 1998
Act 58 Presentation, 1998 (Writer and Presenter)
New Rules of Evidence, Author/Presenter 1998
Cross Examination of an Expert, 1999
Ethical Conduct in the Courtroom, 1999
Stock Options Complications/Divorce and Support, 1999
New Support Guidelines, 1999
Family Law Jeopardy, 1999
Joint State Government Commission Presentation, 1999
Support and APL; The Skinny on Some Fat Issues, 2000
Technology Issues in Family Law, Presenter, 2000
Legal Malpractice Avoidance For Family Lawyers, 2000
New Trends in Custody, 2000
Estate Planning and the Divorce Lawyer, 2000
Changing Face Of Protection From Abuse, 2001
Pitfalls Of Matrimonial Accounting And How To Avoid Them, 2001
Use of American Psychological Association’s Guidelines in Custody Cases, 2001
Dangerous Habits and Addictions in Custody, 2001
The Respective Roles of Mediators and of Counsel in Divorce and Custody Proceedings, 2001

UIFSA and Support Problems, 2001
Business Valuations, 2002
Surviving the Adversarial Process, 2002
The Ten Commandments of Cross Examination, 2002
Initial Contact: Client Interview and Discovery, 2002
The Custody Trial, 2002
Issues in Support, 2003
Appellate Issues, 2003
Ethical Issues from “The Verdict”, 2003
Where Do We Draw The Line Between Zealous Advocacy
and Professionalism?, 2004
Custody Evaluations, 2004
The Four Way Conference: And why not?, 2004
Impact and Ramifications of the 2005 Divorce Code, 2005
The Friendly Custody Battle; Parent Coordinators, 2005
Domestic Torts, 2005
Recent Developments Affecting Us All (Guidelines/Bankruptcy), 2005
What Happens in Equitable Distribution When One Spouse Dies
and Grounds for Divorce Have Been Established? 2006
The Crossroads Between Family and Criminal Law, 2006
Custody Program; Abuse, 2007
Asset Valuation; 2007
Relocation and Custody Jurisdiction, 2008
50 Ways to Leave Your Lover: Initial Interview/Divorce, 2008
PBI, Evidence for Family Lawyers, 1999
Author/Presenter; Four County Domestic Relations Practice, 1999, 2001
Author/Presenter; Matrimonial Torts; A Virtual Trial, 1999
Presenter, New Support Guidelines, Montgomery Co. General Practice Committee, 1999
Support Guidelines Update, 1999, 2002 (Author and Presenter)
Wordperfect 8 Computer Training, 1999
Mediation Training Seminar Instructor, 1999-present
Author & Presenter: Lawyers and Mediators: Strange Bedfellows; How To Have a Successful & Profitable Relationship, Plenary session, Family Law Section Summer Mtg, 2000
Adoption of a Child-The Interstate and Complex Legal Path, 2000
Montgomery County Discovery Process, 2000
National Business Institute Author and Presenter, Family Law Litigation, 2000
PBI, Presenter, General Practice Update, 2001
Speaker, Support Update, PBI, 2002
Mediation: Anger Management Seminar, 2002
Author and Presenter, Mediation: Process, Purpose & Perspectives, Author 2002
A View From The Bench, Family Law Issues and Code of Civility, 2003
Author and Presenter, Mediation in the New Millenium, Chester County Bar, 2003
Advanced Family Mediation workshop, 2001
Advanced Microfocus on Transformative Process & Practice, 2002

Collaborative Family Law Training, 2003
Mediation Process, Purpose & Perspective, 2002
Domestic Abuse Screening Seminar, 2004
Looking Back, Looking forward; Institute for Study of Conflict Transformation, 2004
Hot Topics in Mediation Confidentiality, Presenter/Author, 2003
Impact and Ramifications of the 2005 Divorce Code Amendments, 2005
Appellate Practice from the Court’s Perspective, 2007
2nd Annual Solo and Small Firm Practice Institute, 2007
Likeable Lawyer- Lessons from Aristotle (Negotiation), 2008
PBA Midyear Meeting; Elder Law Update and 60 Minutes with Pennsylvania’s Appellate Court Judges, 2008
AFCC Parent Coordination; Working with High Conflict Families, 2008


* Appearance on ABC Channel 6 re: Mediation Interview, February 2007
* Featured in Philadelphia Magazine, March 2007 issue; “The Divorce Posse” by Amy Donahue Korman
* Featured in Bucks County Courier Times Newspaper article; “Mediation; An Easier Way to Say Goodbye”, 2007
* Speaker, Rockledge-Cheltenham Rotary Club, 2005
* Strathmore’s Who’s Who Recipient, 2004-2005
* Selected for membership; Collaborative Family Law Affiliates, 2004
* Alumni Award, 2003 Outstanding Service Award, Widener School of Law
* Award, Doris Jonas Freed American Inn of Court, 2003
* Award, Montgomery Bar Family Law Section, 2002
* Law Day Elementary School Instructor, 3rd grade, 2001
* Life Member of the National Registry of Who’s Who, 2000 Edition
* Chosen instructor for National Business Institute Presentation, 2000
* Representative to National Conference of American Inns of Court, 1999
* Speaker, Willow Grove Rotary Club, 1999
* Appointed by Montgomery County Bench as Guardian Ad Litem and Child Advocate * Selected by Montgomery County Bench and Counsel as Arbitrator in Equitable Distribution and Special Master in an Annulment proceeding and
Special Master to adjudicate grounds trial in Divorce case
* Continuing Legal Education PBI and Montgomery County Bar Lecturer/Author
* Instructor, Community Program; Legal View Seminar, Norristown Public Library
* Member, The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi
* Panel Judge Participant for mock trial competition, Young Lawyers of Montgomery Bar Association
* 97% Settlement rate for Domestic Relations Support complaints and enforcement conferences
* Maintained support enforcement caseload of 3000 cases utilizing Federal and State remedies
* Established training procedures for DRO Officers

* Developed comprehensive remedial programs for learning disabled students
* District demonstrator for pilot Science program
* Faculty representative on Principal Selection Committee
* Art and Drama coordinator for 26 member faculty and 600 students

Community Involvement

Member, Rockledge/Fox Chase Business Association
Member, Eastern Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce
Member, Laymen Playmen Drama Group, Hatfield, PA
Member, Pre-Cana Team, St. Maria Goretti Parish
Member, Pre-Jordon Team, St. Maria Goretti Parish
Member, Building Fund Campaign Captain, St. Maria Goretti
Lector, St. Maria Goretti Parish
Facilitator for Scripture Study, St. Maria Goretti Parish
Outreach Program member, St. Maria Goretti Parish
Beauty Consultant, Team Leader, Mary Kay Cosmetics

References Available Upon Request