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Wendy W. Branton, Ph.D.

Wendy W. Branton, Ph.D.

122 Walnut Avenue
Wayne, PA 19087

(610) 293-0177

Licensed Psychologist
• Individual and Family Therapy •
Co-Parenting • Teaching • Supervision

Dr. Wendy Branton has worked with divorcing and re-unifying families since 1982. She works with children and their parents to navigate the issues that arise when families separate, become alienated, introduce significant others, divorce, or move. She helps parents and children plan for the developmental changes and challenges that families can expect both immediately and in the future. She is also able to work with individuals in the family who are experiencing significant adjustment difficulties that have resulted in depression, anxiety or aggressive behavior. Evidence of need for career change or stressors from learning disabilities are additional problems that often surface during these major transitions in the family and can be addressed.

Dr. Branton is committed to the Amicable Divorce model where families can transition, improve their communication, and re-invent themselves in the best interest of their children.

Dr. Branton is a licensed psychologist. She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, College for Women. She also attended the Wharton School. She also has a Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and a Masters degree in Education, all from the University of Pennsylvania where she was a University Fellow.

Academic Degrees

Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Counseling Psychology.
1982 Pi Lambda Theta Honor Society. Minors: Statistics, Organizational Behavior (Wharton
Graduate). University Fellowship. APA approved program in Professional Psychology.

M.S. University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Education, Psychological Services.
1973 Pennsylvania Certificate Secondary Guidance.

B.A. University of Pennsylvania, College for Women. 1970 Major: Sociology. Graduate coursework with Joseph J. Peters and Edward Shils. Wharton School of Business 1967-1969. Pennsylvania Teaching Certificate: Comprehensive Social Studies. Student Teaching: Harriton HS

Professional Experience

Licensed Psychologist
Independent Practice Family therapy with high conflict families and
families under stress. Co-parenting counseling. Individual psychotherapy with adults, college
students , adolescents, and children. Depression, dissociative identity disorders, childhood
sexual abuse, disorders of executive function (ADHD), motivation and achievement problems, educational consulting, marriage and family, reconciliation, abuse, anxiety and panic disorder. 1984 to present.

Director of Counseling/Consulting Psychologist

Valley Forge Military Academy
and College The Achievement Center. Supervision and training of counselors and
psychologist interns. Individual psychotherapy, evaluations, and consultation for adolescents,
college students and families. Groups, presentations, faculty and staff training, institutional
research, admissions application review. 1995 to 2004

Site Supervisor
Villanova University, Counseling and Human Relations. Supervised graduate interns
in counseling. 1997-2003

Adjunct Faculty 
Rosemont College Graduate Department of Psychology.
Graduate courses Multi-cultural Counseling. 2001 to 2004

Adjunct Faculty 
Widener University Teaching and supervision of doctoral candidates in Psy.D.
program. Taught independent study on the Treatment of Childhood Sexual Abuse and
Childhood Dissociative Disorders. 1997 to 2004

Part-Time Faculty 
Villanova University. Graduate Program in Counseling and Human Relations.
Courses: Multicultural Counseling, Career Development. 1986 to 1991

Senior Staff Psychologist 
Strafford Psychological Associates, 110 Gallagher Road, Wayne, PA
Psychotherapy with adults, adolescents, college students, and families. Dissociative identity disorders, childhood sexual abuse, depression. 1985 to 1988.

University of Pennsylvania, College of General Studies, Special Programs
Career Evaluation Program, Presenter: Seminars on Test Anxiety, Adjusting to College,
Organizational Skills for Students, Time Management for Teachers. 1982-1984.

Assistant Dean
University of Pennsylvania., College of General Studies, Continuing Education
Advisor to students returning to school for undergraduate and graduate programs.

Staff Psychotherapist
Women’s Resource Center Individual and Group Therapy with women
coming out of marriage and changing careers. 1979-1984

Assistant Dean
University of Pennsylvania College of Arts and Sciences. Advisor to Freshmen
and Sophomore students. 1978-1979.

Teaching Fellow
University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. Taught graduate
courses Adolescent Psychology, Career Development, Secondary School Guidance
Practicum Supervision. 1976-1978.

Assistant Director 

University of Pennsylvania Career Placement Service. 1973-1975.

Counseling Supervisor 
Department of Labor and Industry, Bureau of Employment Security. 1972-1973.
Started as an Employment Counselor 1970-1972

Selected Publications and Presentations

Recognizing and Reporting Childhood Sexual Abuse, DVD, Merit Systems and Family Support Line, 2008
Bullying and Aggression (Lorman), February 2006
Adolescents and College Students – Promoting Adjustment in Divorcing Families, November 2006
Co-parenting and Child Advocacy in Collaborative Divorce, 2005
PTSD and Dissociative Identity Disorders in Young Male Victims of Early Childhood Sexual Abuse, August 2004
Disorders of Executive Function, March 2003
Educational Placement for Young Men with Oppositional Defiant Disorder, February 2001
Diagnosis and Treatment of Adolescent Boys, August 2001
Stress Management for College Students, October, 2000.
Peer Counseling Leadership Training, September, 2000
Looking at Values Education Thirty Years Later, September, 2000
College Advising Seminar-New Developments in Educational Placement, August 2000
Crisis Intervention with Adolescents and College Students, August 2000
Understanding Diversity in Adolescent Populations, August 1999
Auditory Processing: New Developments and Computer Training, August 1999
Careers in Psychology and Student Services, February 1999
Assessing College Students and Adolescents for Risk of Violence and Self Harm, August 1998
Classroom Interventions for ADHD, September, 1997
Communication with Diverse Student Groups, August, 1997
ADHD and Military School, August 1996
“Career Planning.” Many Voices, October 1992.

Recent Continuing Education

Candidate Certificate Program Widener University, Childhood Sexual Abuse Treatment
Empirically Supported Treatment Procedures in Clinical Child and Pediatric Settings, APA Edward Christophersen, Ph.D. and Kristin Valerius, Ph.D,August 2008
Cognitive Therapy for Personality Disorders, APA, Judith S. Beck, Ph.D. August 2008
Legal and Ethical Considerations: Mandated Reporting of Child Sexual Abuse, Linda Knauss, Ph.D. 2007
Trauma Zone: Healing the Trauma of Childhood Sexual Abuse, R Dandridge Collins, Ph.D. 2007
Treatment of Traumatized and Dissociative Youth, Joyanna Silberg, Ph.D. 2007
How Genes Influence Traumatic Responses, Susan Carswell, Ph.D. 2007
Intergenerational Transmission Process in the Treatment of Child Sexual Abuse, Laurel Silber, Psy.D. 2007
Parent Coordinators in Pennsylvania: Handling High Conflict Custody Cases,
Robin Deutsch, Ph.D.; Hon. Katherine Platt, Hon. Robert Matthews, September 2006
Family Crisis of Sexual Abuse, Mary Hove, MS 2006
Child Abuse, Rev. Ray Chase, 2006
Boy’s Reactions to Sexual Abuse, Elizabeth Musewicz, MS, 2006
Juvenile Risk of Harm to Others,: Ethical Issues, PPA, Bruce Mapes, Ph.D. October, 2005
Child Disclosure of Sexual Abuse During Treatment or in other Professional Settings,
Sandra Block Steiker, MSS., LCSW, 2005
Childhood Sexual Abuse: An Introduction, Anthony Goldsmith MA 2005
Clinical Care with Sexual Minority Survivors of Sexual Trauma, Brent A. Satterly, PhD, MSS, LCSW 2005
Human Sexuality, Brent Satterly, Ph.D. MSS, LCSW 2005
Disclosure of Abuse During Trteatment, Sandra Block Steiker,. 2004
Play Therapy with Sexually Abused Children, Donna Landis Brubaker, LCSW, RPT-S 2004
Symposium: Childhood Sexual Abuse in Pennsylvania, Pamela Hardy, LSW, MSW,
Michael Galantino, Esq. George Leute, MA, Anthony Goldsmith, M.A., Geoffrey Marczyk, JD, Ph.D. 2004
Childhood Sexual Abuse 101, Anthony Goldsmith, MA 2004
Promoting Sexual Health and Responsible Sexual Behavior, William Stayton, Ph.D. 2004
The Impact of Trauma on Child Development, Kelly Ace, Ph.D. JD, LPC 2004

Professional Associations and Activities

Board Member Daemion Counseling, Board Member for Family Support Line, Charter Member of Collaborative Family Law Affiliates, Pennsylvania Psychological Association, Fellow, American Psychological Association, American Counseling Association, American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, Greater Philadelphia Society of Clinical Hypnosis, National Career Development Association, Society for Computers in Psychology, Pennsylvania Behavior Therapy Association. Former Member of the Board of Directors: ResponsAibility, Radnor A Better Chance, New Gulph Children’s Center, The Wetherill School, and The Women’s Resource Center.